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Campus to Career Crossroads was founded on the premise of helping to bridge the gap in today’s confusing and competitive college-career market. The traditional approach to college admissions has made significant changes through the years. Additionally, the methods of securing long term, meaningful career employment has also changed. The mission at Campus to Career Crossroads is to develop a supportive and individualized partnership with students and their families in order to help them successfully navigate the transitional and complex stages from high school to career.

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College education is one of the most important decisions that young people make which will impact the quality of their adult life. In addition to the financial burden, the complex process of college admissions can be daunting for students and their families.

Campus to Career Crossroads will help with linking a student’s career interest to a best-fit college, completing college applications, writing essays, and preparation for a college interview.


College provides the training ground necessary for career entrance. Students who have a career plan will maximize their education, and increase their opportunity to build a network of professors, alumni, and industry contacts, all of which leads to a better prospect of employment.

Throughout your college years, Campus to Career Crossroads will provide the guidance necessary to help you chart your course into the career world.


Financial aid is comprised of many facets that can be an overwhelming part of the college decision.

Your college financial investment requires a realistic look at the cost of your education and the career return on that investment.

Campus to Career Crossroads will assist you in seeking out the financial information necessary to achieve your career objectives while working within your personal budget.


Employment security and the reality of working at a single company for twenty-five years or longer has diminished.  Professional career development is now an employee’s responsibility and on-going journey that will require periodic strategic evaluations.

Campus to Career Crossroads will provide you with the guidance that you will need in the professional world with résumé building, job search strategies, and career assessment.

“85% of the jobs of the future that will exist in 2030 have not even been invented yet”

-Institute for the Future

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