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Hello! My name is Jason Vallozzi and I am the Founder of Campus to Career Crossroads. I have a passion for education and for helping students reach successful outcomes. The mission at Campus to Career Crossroads is to develop a supportive and individualized partnership with students and their families in order to help them successfully navigate the transitional and complex stages from high school to career.

My personal path to success began as a magna cum laude graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications. The experience I have acquired is multi-faceted. For more than 20 years, I have worked with high school students, college students, and seasoned professionals to help them acquire success at different levels.

Through the years, I have served in the post-secondary technical arena as a coordinator and as a director of high school operations, and culminated as the executive director of admissions. In the professional field, my responsibilities as a managing consultant were to seek upper-level management professionals and executives for exclusive firms and professional sectors. Collaboration with high-level companies of various industries has given me extensive knowledge of what they seek from entry-level hires to senior-strategic levels.

I have also had the distinct opportunity to develop an encompassing professional network that spans high school, college, and professional levels. I currently hold the position of Regional Leader for Ohio, Michigan, and Western Pennsylvania in the Independent Educational Consultants Association. My conviction is to follow the best practices of the professional organizations of which I am affiliated:

IECA – Independent Educational Consultants Association | Regional Leader for Ohio, Michigan, & Western Pennsylvania

NCDA – National Career Development Association 

NRWA – National Résumé Writers’ Association 

NACAC – National Association for College Admission Counseling

PACAC – Pennsylvania Association for College Admission Counseling

I am hopeful that you will give Campus to Career Crossroads the opportunity to help you move forward in your career path in the best and most productive way.

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Proudly invited to contribute admissions expertise on the following college admissions counselors advisory boards.

Proud to be serving on these admissions advisory boards

Valuable Resource

“Having served as President of both the Westmoreland School Counselors Association and the Pennsylvania School Counselors Association, it was my pleasure to have worked with Jason for many years. Always professional, he was very supportive of school counselors and their professional associations. Jason also served as a valuable resource to school counselors on post-secondary education issues. He always has the “what’s best for the student” mentality, which will serve him well when working with students and their families.”

Clint Page, M. Ed.

Retired School Counselor

Expansive Knowledge

“Over my thirty years as a high school counselor, and the past twelve as a university admissions representative, I have had the privilege of interacting numerous times with Jason. He has always impressed me with his personal and professional integrity, his compassionate demeanor, and his expansive body of knowledge. I strongly believe that these essential qualities will be a major benefit to students and their families in their post-secondary planning when partnering with Jason at Campus to Career Crossroads.”

Tony Indovina, M. Ed

Retired School Counselor

Professional Association Memberships

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