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The Power of Career Assessments to Find Your Direction

Many of us cannot live without a GPS device for daily directions to work, meetings, and dinner reservations, but we never consider a similar navigation tool for career guidance. Career assessments are a powerful, yet unutilized tool for self-awareness, understanding...

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Avoiding the Scholarship Black Hole

Students and their families seem excited about scholarships in the fall of the senior year, but by the spring of that year, many have not yet applied for even one scholarship. This scenario almost sounds paradoxical as the potential to win free money should be a top...

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What Motivates Me to Help Families Truly Afford College

“We honestly cannot afford to attend and I am too embarrassed to tell our son.”"We did not expect college to be so expensive.”“We have not been able to save for education over the years as we had hoped.”"We thought government financial aid would help us in affording...

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Why Many College Students Miss the Résumé Mark

As I work with many academically talented college students who excel inside and outside of the classroom, I find the majority lack the ability to write a professional and distinct résumé. Unfortunately, many college students still perceive creating a résumé in their...

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Happy Holidays to Your Admissions Representative?

As you are shaping your holiday card list, it may be wise for a student to send a holiday card to the admissions representatives on their college list.  After all, admissions representatives are the “behind the scenes” advocate for a student’s application and will...

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