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19 Tips to Streamline the Job Searching Process

Job searching is no longer a do-it-yourself project — you cannot send out one résumé and expect to get hired. The job search now involves working through hundreds of online postings, navigating numerous applicant tracking systems, and knowledge of artificial...

What Is a College Search? How to Execute Your Ideal College Search

What Is a College Search? How to Execute Your Ideal College Search You may know you need to get the college search underway, but what is a college search, exactly, and how do you effortlessly move through the steps of the college search process?  As you probably...

What Looks Good on College Applications? 10 Key Elements Your Application Needs

Curious about what looks good on college applications? It is a great question to ask because application volume has spiked to record setting levels over the past two application cycles! You are navigating a new admissions world when applying to colleges now. Having a...

College Summer Programs: 12 Top Benefits and Over 30 Programs

Looking for a differentiator in your college application? Check out college summer programs. Your activity list matters in the high-stakes college admissions process, especially if you choose a test-optional application route. Highly selective colleges throughout the...
How to Land an Internship in 12 Steps

How to Land an Internship in 12 Steps

Even though it is a big and exciting step into the professional work world, learning how to land an internship may seem overwhelming and intimidating. (Yes, even to the most accomplished college student.) At Campus to Career Crossroads, we successfully assist college...

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