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When Did Going to College Become Extremely Complicated?

“I am totally confused” is a phrase I commonly hear from parents contacting me for assistance with their son or daughter’s college education planning.  What many parents encountered 20 to 25 years ago in their college admissions experience has gone through monumental...

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High School Planning for College Affordability

As the summer days get shorter and back to school time is upon us, many high school families will begin the exciting and surprisingly expensive college journey.  One question I am frequently asked is” how do we afford college?”  Parents that attended college 20 years...

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Connecting Each College Semester to Your Career

Many students journey off to college with the sincere intention of attaining an education that will earn them a high paying job in their major field with a top employer. One factor that many leading college career professionals unanimously agree upon, along with...

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Don’t Let the Summer Heat Melt Away Your College Plans

As the summer gets into full swing with sunny weather and hot temperatures, it often causes a college admission melting process for many recently graduated high school seniors who have worked diligently to be accepted into a desired college. Many people are unfamiliar...

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The New Reality of Evaluating a College Degree

Many families are assessing the value of a college education due to today’s rising tuition costs. A college education is a financial investment that requires students and their parents to make a serious judgement about the consequences of excessive student loans....

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Maximizing Your College Education for a Career Launch

College students who can establish career pathways early on, stand a competitive advantage at graduation as well as at the beginning years of their career.The overloaded class schedules and project deadlines leave little time for career planning. Consequently, many...

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The Importance of Work Anniversaries

Often forgotten in today’s workplace is the importance of a work anniversary. Work anniversaries are as important as personal anniversaries and special occasions. This annual date is the prime opportunity for an employee to objectively assess the past professional...

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