Why Many College Students Miss the Résumé Mark

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Written by Jason

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Last updated May 11, 2021 | Published on Jan 3, 2019

As I work with many academically talented college students who excel inside and outside of the classroom, I find the majority lack the ability to write a professional and distinct résumé. Unfortunately, many college students still perceive creating a résumé in their senior year as a means “to get a job” rather than a critical professional document that will be the foundation of how future employers view their abilities. Career management techniques, such as developing and résumé building, begins in the early college years which will be important for long-term financial security in a desired professional field.

So what are a few areas college students miss the mark in résumé writing?

Résumés need to be written from a candidate’s unique strengths – Many college students and even accomplished professionals never take inventory of their unique strengths and capabilities before starting the writing process. They never consider how their strengths may be an asset to solving employer problems in a particular industry position. I assist clients in identifying their strengths with a collaborative approach using many best in class industry assessments.

Résumé templates limit creativity – Many people often turn to a Google search for résumé templates. This method often leads to a fill in the blank approach rather than a thoughtfully crafted résumé. An effective résumé is accomplishment driven, not merely a list of job duties. Even young candidates can look dated by submitting résumés that are out of fashion when using obsolete writing aspects such as an objective statement. 

Résumé writing needs dedicated priority time – Many college students fall into the trap of writing résumés during an all-night study session or cramming it into their over-committed calendars. Quality résumé writing needs dedicated time for self-reflection of strengths, accomplishments and consideration of the target job requirements. Résumé writing needs a creative thinking approach that presents a candidate’s strengths in a compelling and exciting manner.

Campus to Career Crossroads helps college students and professionals differentiate their résumé from the sea of sameness. My extensive experience in reviewing hundreds of résumés as well as my active professional membership in the National Résumé Writers Association and the National Career Development Association brings insightful knowledge to my clients. Accomplishment-driven, problem solving, modern, and concise résumés get interviews with potential employers. Is your résumé structured to meet today’s competitive job market? If not, please reach out for a free consultation.

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