Navigating the big decisions together

College admissions is undeniably more complicated than ever. Most parents are not prepared to take on a project manager role when their son or daughter is ready to begin the college journey. College admissions and financial aid goes through significant changes every year and those changes become monumental over a five year period. For a parent who attended college twenty years ago, there has been seismic shifts in the admissions landscape which places them at a distinct disadvantage before they even step foot onto a college campus. 

I am frequently contacted by parents who want to quit the project manager role and go back to being a parent.  Some of the primary resignation reasons are:

It is overwhelming to even know where to begin – Most parents become confused with the first couple of steps in the college journey and feel totally unqualified to sequence the entire college process.  Parents quickly realize hours of “Google searching” leads to more confusion and uncertainty. Buying books requires hours of reading and processing the information, while hopefully interrupting it correctly. As an experienced admissions professional and an independent educational consulting professional, I am able to quickly customize a college plan to reach a family’s goals and partner with the family each step of the way to ensure success.

Where do we find colleges to even consider?– As there are over 4,000 colleges to select from throughout the country, most parents struggle to identify the best fit colleges for their child to consider.  Determining the right colleges to put on their son or daughter’s college list is a primary source of concern for many parents.  A proper college list has a variety of public universities and private colleges which allows a student to experience a variety of settings.

How do we know if the college campus will be a good fit?– Once a family does identify colleges to visit, the next stressor is determining the right cultural fit.  From my admissions experiences, families do not formulate thoughtful questions that they should or could be asking to understand the overall campus fit.  I help families create a list of questions based upon their specific needs to find a college where their child will thrive academically, socially, and financially.

Stressful family conversations about colleges – Many parents who take on the role as a college admissions project manager struggle with balancing all family opinions.  Their son or daughter can be instantly resistant to their ideas. This can lead to arguments and create more college related stress in the household. I bring an experienced and impartial voice that listens and bridges all viewpoints.

Many parents quickly realize they want to enjoy their son or daughter’s last few years at home rather than take on a task oriented project manager role. Some of the best qualities of any project manager are years of experience, extensive industry knowledge, and the ability to anticipate project obstacles, all of which I possess. Parents going through the college once, twice, or even three times soon realize they are unprepared for the rigors of college planning and would rather be a parent enjoying the college experience, leaving the college project management role to a professional independent educational consultant.

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