Campus to College Crossroads is dedicated to helping students and their families understand and navigate the college to career process. A college education is a major financial investment into your future, and your education will assuredly define the quality of your adult life.  Your career development does not end with graduation. Your professional career is an on-going journey that will require periodic strategic assessment. By partnering with an experienced professional, you will gain the insights that are needed to make informed decisions about your future.  Campus to College Crossroads is aware that each individual has unique and specific needs. Therefore, the services are tailored to you!
At the high school level, Campus to Career Crossroads will partner with students and their families to strategically prepare for the journey ahead. Students that have a focused plan upon entering college, are less likely to change majors or change colleges which may delay graduation and trigger more financial costs.

Choosing the right college from the onset, saves time, money, avoids frustration, and makes for a quicker entrance into the career world.

Campus to Career Crossroads will be able to help students to target and compare the schools that match their career interests, career goals, and personal financial resources, ultimately helping them find the most suitable college for them.

Campus to Career Crossroads is here to assist in:

  • Developing a family’s college admissions strategy
  • Creating a comprehensive college list
  • Linking passions and interests to a potential major
  • Connecting students with industry professionals and events





Once in college, the student must begin to focus on a career path. Too often, this decision is left until the junior or senior year, when it creates additional stress. Therefore, it is imperative that students choose a college major and a career goal, as timely as possible, so as to maximize their education investment in seeking the relevant classes, professors, internships, and exposure to professionals in a chosen field.

Beyond a specific skill set, major companies seek employees who match their culture, share the values of their organization, and commit to being a long-term, productive employee. College students, who can identify with companies that complement their own values and who also have a detailed understanding of the organization’s core services, have a distinct advantage in developing their college path. 

Campus to Career Crossroads is here to assist in:

  • Identifying a target portfolio of future employers
  • Correlating classroom experiences to career opportunities
  • Recognizing social media dangers that will impact your future career
  • Establishing and maintaining industry connections.

Due to the rising costs of a college education, students and their families must consider a variety of factors in order to ensure that they are making the best financial investment. Campus to Career Crossroads will assist you in understanding the actual cost of a college education. Long-term projection costs of your future responsibilities, such as repayment of educational loans, will also be addressed.

Not all college majors have an equal demand in the workplace. Campus to Career Crossroads will help you form a comprehensive decision in weighing the cost of attending a specific institution of higher education against realistic career possibilities, salary expectations, repayment of any educational loans, and potential career advancements.

Campus to Career Crossroads is here to assist in:

  • Understanding financial aid terminology
  • Identifying college ancillary costs
  • College cost comparison assistance
  • Labor market salary information



The shift to an employee being responsible for their personal career growth has left many professionals unprepared. Today, professionals must be proactive in managing their own career development in order to ensure long-term employment and financial security.  More than ever, career management requires developing new skills, networking with associations, and tactical job searches for next level opportunities.

Campus to Career Crossroads has extensive experience in evaluating the career market and securing entry, middle and senior level opportunities for professionals. As professionals grow in a career, it is critical to be cognizant of their next opportunity or risk being complacent. It is never too late to take control of your career.

Campus to Career Crossroads is here to assist in:

  • Developing plans for active or confidential job searches
  • LinkedIn profile optimization 
  • Social media search strategies
  • Understanding the elements of negotiating a total compensation package


Scholarships are an important element of a comprehensive college financial plan. As a result of the vast number of scholarships available, applications requirements, and dedicating the time to apply, many students find the task overwhelming and therefore forego it. Additionally, unknown to many students, is the fact that scholarship possibilities even exist for students after they enter college through avenues such as alumni associations and professional societies.  Campus to Career Crossroads will help the students identify the scholarship(s) that are applicable to them throughout the entire college process. 

Because Campus to Career Crossroads avidly recognizes the significance of scholarships and how they aid in offsetting the ever-rising costs of college tuition, it has two scholarship programs of its own to offer. One scholarship will be awarded to a graduating high school student and another to an undergraduate college student enrolled in a full-time accredited college.

Join our mail list to download our Campus to Career Crossroads Scholarship application.

Campus to Career Crossroads is here to assist in:

  • Identifying scholarships unique to a student’s background and interest
  • Creating a scholarship application plan
  • Providing guidance in writing scholarship essays
  • Managing deadlines for scholarship applications

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