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Our clients mean the most to us and we are so proud to work with them during such an important time in their lives. You can read and listen to some of their impactful stories below!


Jason is the big picture of what our kids need to succeed when they are deciding what they are going to do for the rest of their lives.


On behalf of our entire family I want to thank you for very effective and generous help over the past year as our son, Grant, was deciding upon his career, selecting the right college, and writing for scholarship and grant money. Even though we have already put two of our kids through college, we still learned and benefited greatly from the resources and connections you were able to share. Moreover, your structured approach to timely information gathering, informed decision-making, and effective action was exactly what we needed to demystify and manage the entire process. You gave us a roadmap with actionable directions and clear milestones. Please feel free to name me as a reference for families who would like to know more about your outstanding service. Congratulations and thank you for your excellent work. George

Cranberry Township, PA

Working with Jason for our son’s college journey was incredibly beneficial to our entire family. I knew with our second child going through the college process, our family needed a professional partner to identify the best colleges, both academically and financially. We worked remotely for the entire planning process and Jason’s organizational skills ensured we never missed a step.

Jason was always prompt and quickly responded to any questions or meeting requests. Working remotely with Jason was a definite advantage for our family. We were able to coordinate our busy family schedule with meeting times later in the evening, and work from the comfort of our own home, with no travel time involved. Jason was even able to engage his network in New York City and connect our son to a professional engineer at Columbia University to help him better understand the engineering profession.

Our family is very grateful for Jason’s dedicated efforts and look forward to working remotely with him in the future!


New York City Metro Area

At first, I did not think our family needed an independent education consultant to assist with college planning. Our daughter changed her career path in the fall of her senior year in high school which left her college plans uncertain. Jason effectively stepped in and crafted a plan to help our family get back on track to find the perfect college. Jason’s unique knowledge of college admissions data, targeting colleges that would fit our daughter’s criteria, and presentation of a total four-year cost of attendance was very helpful to our family’s final decision.

I am grateful for the dedicated college planning efforts that Jason provided and equally grateful for his financial aid knowledge. He was able to detect a unique financial aid issue when reviewing our financial aid award letters. Jason partnered me with the right financial professional who helped me to explain a complex matter that required very specific documentation. His knowledge and persistence in the matter helped our family receive more aid. I would not have known how to navigate this process without Jason.

I am extremely grateful that we found Jason. He cared about our family in every step of the process and was a tireless advocate for our best interest.


Cranberry Township, PA


I can’t even speak to how much it helped our family understand the process once we had Jason engaged.


Working with Jason over the past year has readied me to make the transition out of college and into my professional career. He was always willing to listen to my aspirations and help me research the best ways to achieve them. He opened new doors for me that I did not know existed, created many opportunities to meet new people, and make connections with relevant professionals in my field. The one on one advisement, networking opportunities, and structured goal setting allowed me develop the skills necessary to succeed in the next stage of my professional life.


Pittsburgh, PA

As I started my job hunt, I told Jason that I didn’t think my résumé and cover letter needed to be updated nor revised. I had multiple people, including professional contacts, review both documents endless times. However, after agreeing to let Jason take a look at my résumé and cover letter anyway, I realized just how much room I had for improvement. I am now proud to pass along my résumé, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. I feel I will really start to stand out to employers and have a leg up in a competitive job market.


Pittsburgh, PA

Working with Jason to navigate the financial aspect of the college acceptance was a great experience. He is very knowledgeable and navigates the avenues very well. His research is very detailed and he does the leg work for you, which helped me tremendously with the busy schedule I have. I highly recommend Jason and his services to help research and navigate the financial aspect of college.


Smithsburgh, MD

Thank you for your support and help. We would not have been able to get the amount of scholarships and grants without your guidance. It was truly a wonderful experience and well worth it. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Jason at Campus to Career Crossroads.


Gibsonia, PA

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