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Our client base extends to all areas of the county. Whether in close proximity or across the miles, our personalized strategies deliver successful outcomes. We are extremely proud to share a few of our client testimonials and their personal stories through the text and videos that follow.


Parents do not realize how hard it is for their son or daughter to career launch from college without support.


In my search for a career consultant, it was important to me to discuss my goals and background prior to selecting or paying for services. This is a normal part of the process at Campus to Career Crossroads and made my decision selecting a career consultancy company a no-brainer from the start. From our initial introductory meeting, Jason’s level of genuine care, attention to detail, and deep passion for supporting those in a career search shone through. This process has not only provided me with a stellar resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile, but the skills and, most importantly, confidence to move forward with determination and renewed commitment to the process.

I have consistently felt included and highly valued in the process to create unique and well-tailored job application materials relevant to the clarified and well-defined career goals Jason helped me identify. Campus to Career Crossroads and Jason have my utmost recommendation!


Orlando, FL

Congrats to Jackson, Trevor, and Devin on their college planning successes!

We have had the pleasure and good fortune to have three kids work with Jason over the last four years and all with vastly different plans and needs. Each of them has landed in a fantastic situation driven significantly by jason’s guidance, knowledge and experience to help drive them in the right direction. Each of them had their own individual motivations and Jason was able to manage them and they were as engaged in the process as anyone could hope thanks to his support and focus on them.


Cranberry Township, PA

Jason is great at what he does. He is an incredible resource and sounding board for both parents and students.

He brings valuable insights, creative ideas and a willingness to challenge everyone to think beyond preconceived notions.

It makes a difference for everyone involved.

If you’re thinking about it, make the move, Your family will be glad you did.


Pittsburgh, PA

We couldn’t be more satisfied working with Jason. As parents, the college application process is a high anxiety / somewhat confusing rollercoaster of deadlines, emotions and checklists. Jason streamlined the process for us by breaking timelines up into bite sized chunks and then helping us sift through the myriad of options to find the perfect fit for our son at Boston University. Through Jason-suggested campus visits, online research, and a series of college courses at the University of Miami, our son discovered an intense curiosity for coupling bio-medical research while attending an East Coast city school. Boston University quickly rose to the top of his list and Jason helped outline all the extras that can help students get recognized in a tsunami-like collegiate application process. Our son is excited to attend his dream school and it never would have happened without Jason. He genuinely changed our son’s life.


Los Gato, CA

We have been working with Jason as our son applies to college. We cannot say enough nice things. He is knowledgeable about the process. He knows so much about universities and their application and admittance processes, including up to date information about what institutions are looking for. Jason is super motivating. He helped our son get on track, put pen to paper, and get those applications in and essays done. He will help your student present themselves in the best light. Jason is upbeat and professional in everything he does. He is always responsive. If you have a question, he will get back to you promplty. Campus to Career Crossroads provided addtional programs which have been very helpful. For example, recently there was a presentaiton by a number of college students discussing how they navigated the decision process in choosing a college once they receive their offers. Another is coming up about choosing a major and a career. I would not hesitate to use Campus to Career Crossroads. The program and Jason’s help were invaluable.


Chicago, IL

Working with Jason for our son’s college journey was incredibly beneficial to our entire family. I knew with our second child going through the college process, our family needed a professional partner to identify the best colleges, both academically and financially. We worked remotely for the entire planning process and Jason’s organizational skills ensured we never missed a step.

Jason was always prompt and quickly responded to any questions or meeting requests. Working remotely with Jason was a definite advantage for our family. We were able to coordinate our busy family schedule with meeting times later in the evening, and work from the comfort of our own home, with no travel time involved. Jason was even able to engage his network in New York City and connect our son to a professional engineer at Columbia University to help him better understand the engineering profession.

Our family is very grateful for Jason’s dedicated efforts and look forward to working remotely with him in the future!


New York City Metro Area

Jason and his team are exceptional! Professional, experienced and able to connect with teenagers on their level.They took the time to get to know my twins and help them gain insights as to their strengths and interests as well as what schools would be a good fit for their learning style. My children were empowered throughout the process and were accepted to multiple schools that fit their individual aptitudes.I hold Campus to Career Crossroads in the highest regard and would recommend them to anyone interested in support and clarity in the college application process and beyond. They made the process enjoyable and helped us to get results well beyond our expectations. A 10+ out of 10 rating!


Mars, PA

As a parent with a full-time job, I have found that working with Jason has made the college search process totally manageable for our family! He has helped break down the process into pieces and created a timeline that my teen could then follow. I really don’t know how we would have managed without him. His knowledge of schools and the enrollment process are invaluable!


Knoxville, TN

Congrats Max and Emma!

Jason is the big picture of what our kids need to succeed when they are deciding what they are going to do for the rest of their lives.


Jason and Jen (and team) at Campus to Career Crossroads has been such an invaluable service for our family. This is our first experience at college planning and it was completely overwhelming. Jason and Jen walked us through every step along the way and shared things we would never have known to do in the common app and after applying to schools. This service was worth every penny and gave me my time (and sanity) back. I highly recommend anyone new to the college planning expereince to invest in their services!


Gibsonia, PA

We are using Jason and his College Consulting firm, C2CCrossroads and it is making our college planning process a lot less stressful and a lot more fun than it would be if we had to do it all on our own. Jason is doing a great job of getting to know Henry and Zane, as young adults, and educating all of us on what the most important things to do are as well as giving the boys the tools to succeed when it comes to not only applying to the right schools, but planning for their careers after college. We have visited three colleges already and are actually traveling to visit three more colleges next week. Jason not only recommended, but organized the visits for us and its fun and exciting. If you have high school sophomores, juniors or seniors and you are struggling with the process or just don’t even know how to get started, do yourself and your child a favor and reach out to Jason…you will thank me!


Fox Chapel, PA

At first, I did not think our family needed an independent education consultant to assist with college planning. Our daughter changed her career path in the fall of her senior year in high school which left her college plans uncertain. Jason effectively stepped in and crafted a plan to help our family get back on track to find the perfect college. Jason’s unique knowledge of college admissions data, targeting colleges that would fit our daughter’s criteria, and presentation of a total four-year cost of attendance was very helpful to our family’s final decision.

I am grateful for the dedicated college planning efforts that Jason provided and equally grateful for his financial aid knowledge. He was able to detect a unique financial aid issue when reviewing our financial aid award letters. Jason partnered me with the right financial professional who helped me to explain a complex matter that required very specific documentation. His knowledge and persistence in the matter helped our family receive more aid. I would not have known how to navigate this process without Jason.

I am extremely grateful that we found Jason. He cared about our family in every step of the process and was a tireless advocate for our best interest.


Cranberry Township, PA


I can’t even speak to how much it helped our family understand the process once we had Jason engaged.


Working with Jason over the past year has readied me to make the transition out of college and into my professional career. He was always willing to listen to my aspirations and help me research the best ways to achieve them. He opened new doors for me that I did not know existed, created many opportunities to meet new people, and make connections with relevant professionals in my field. The one on one advisement, networking opportunities, and structured goal setting allowed me develop the skills necessary to succeed in the next stage of my professional life.


Pittsburgh, PA

Having a resume that I’m proud to present and updating my LinkedIn profile was a professional goal of mine last year.  Both my resume and LinkedIn profile were long overdue for a complete makeover; a task that was daunting to me.  After a couple phone meetings with Jason, he was able to identify my professional strengths, highlight those strengths on paper, reformat my resume to be more pleasing to the eye, and hit all the key words to ensure it gets on a recruiter’s desk.

The time I spent sharing my professional accomplishments with Jason was also a learning experience and beneficial to me.  He pointed out soft skills that I didn’t realize were of importance to an employer.  His words gave me confidence in my abilities during a time I was in a career slump. 

Jason is a courteous, sincere, and passionate professional who brings out the best in his clients.  He exudes positivity and I found that contagious. During our sessions, he raised my confidence level. I am blessed to have connected with Jason, and grateful for his assistance in helping me in the management of my career. 


Pittsburgh, PA

Jason is an absolute pleasure to work with! We had many informative and positive discussions that helped me develop the tools I need as I go into my professional career. His experience was invaluable in transforming my resume and has given me a positive feeling as I continue my job search. I highly recommend his services and would love to work with him again in the future.


Pittsburgh, PA

I really had a great experience working with Jason. He took the time to meet with me in person on more than one occasion so that he could fully understand my professional background, as well as my current employment goals. Updating my résumé was much more of a collaboration, not just a rewrite of my work history. It is clear that Jason truly loves helping people in their job search and with their career development. He wants them to be excited and confident about their résumé and look forward to the next step in their career. He even texted me to wish me good luck on my first interview since working with him! He definitely goes the extra mile to show that he cares about his clients. I will feel confident in contacting him in the future for any additional career advice.

Sewickley, PA

Working with Jason to navigate the financial aspect of the college acceptance was a great experience. He is very knowledgeable and navigates the avenues very well. His research is very detailed and he does the leg work for you, which helped me tremendously with the busy schedule I have. I highly recommend Jason and his services to help research and navigate the financial aspect of college.


Smithsburgh, MD

Thank you for your support and help. We would not have been able to get the amount of scholarships and grants without your guidance. It was truly a wonderful experience and well worth it. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Jason at Campus to Career Crossroads.


Gibsonia, PA

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